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Genuine perverted, funny, weird and desperate emails i recieved from men, women and the inbetween
Sorry Guys! but some of the posts are a bit graphic in nature
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Sorry Guys! but some of the posts are a bit graphic in nature

PLEASE Follow!

An explanation is in order?

Ok so a while back i signed up to a couple of unknown social sites,  i can’t remember why, to be honest it was probably down to the fact that i was about 15 years old and had just learned that Bebo was all of sudden ‘uncool’. I needed some kind of online social interaction. I was desperately trying to escape the clutches of ‘Facebook’ as my dad had an account, and i was far too stubborn to admit that when he said “It doesn’t look stupid! it will really catch on!” he was right. Anyway all of sudden this ‘Facebook’ exploded into a giant ball of social madness and i forced to get an account, as i was a pathetic teenager with urges to talk to my neighbouring friends online. I then forgot all about these other profiles i had created online. HOWEVER! last week i remembered all about it and decided to log on and check them out, This blog is all of the perverted, weird and desperate emails i received from men, women and the in-between. Enjoy. 

P.S- I have not replied to or started a conversation with any of these people

You have MSN and webcam. You chat clean, chat dirty, chat flirty or all three.

—Wednesday 15th May 2013 19:38


—Wednesday 15th May 2013 19:59

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The Toblerone guy.

sweet beautiful lady I would love to be friends with turkey veterans closer to you my love I’m 49 years old, alone, single, very like a lord, and I would be glad if you want to be friends with me to Turkey closer to the real happiness be with you I love you, you’re my guest, i bring you gifts…


- Monday 25th February 10:51

Slow down cowboy

hello you have nice pictures

 - Monday 03rd December 16:05

How are you doing,hope life is treating you with good health there,today is my greatest happiness such a person like you,i became interested after go true your profile,my intention for contact you is that i do need lovely kind caring honest person,who will take good care of me age color never important,what matter is true love with pour heart.

-Tuesday 04th December 09:37

Good morning. When I see your face I feel good. And I think that our excellent relationship. Last until the end of life. I want to talk with you. and we am together. I am a man I respect. Mour.la Femmme and the life. And my the religiont. you have my wife and will be of great value. We will be happy. You are a jewel and a gem and I know your worth. I Antdhar. And I have great confidence you have. Your faycale

-Sunday 23rd December 10:49

… Woah there.

hi are you ok chatting with an older guy? ;)

—Wednesday 14th November 00:35

ever had a cam slave? ;) xx

—Thursday 15th November 21:03

You look like Hitler…

—Sunday 04th November 13:43

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